GC2 is an annual event hosted by the Community Foundation of Grundy County as part of the Grundy County Area Planners group.  This event is on a Friday in October and is a half-day event to provide more time and speakers to delve deeper into issues facing Grundy County’s planners, municipalities, school districts, fire districts, and library districts.

Topics over the years have included:

2006: Stormwater Management Ordinance

2007: Mechanisms for Land Protection

2008: Road Networks

2009: Forecasting and Green Development

2010: Planning for Sustainable Trends in Food and Energy

2011: Entrepreneurship

2012: Funding for Local Units of Government

2013’s topic was “Schools, Business, and Community:  Meeting Today’s Needs and Building a Pipeline for Tomorrow’s Workforce.”  Please click here to read about this year’s GC2.