So many organizations in Grundy County gather and track data, but it is for their own use and often not shared for the purpose of public dialogue.  One goal of the Community Foundation of Grundy County is to watch out for the overall health and well-being of our county so that our programs and grants can be timely and effective.  Part of our work is to convene networks of stakeholders around issues in common in order to develop action steps for collectively addressing issues of concern in our county.  In order to develop action steps, data needs to be collected and tracked.

Therefore we are proud to present “Vital Signs,” a first step toward collecting and tracking data across ten topic areas: economy, employment, housing, health, environment, education & learning, transportation, safety, financial health, and social health.  The amount of available data is overwhelming, therefore we have selected key data sets that we believe present a broad picture of the status of Grundy County.

Please click the link below to download the 17-page pdf file:

Vital Signs FINAL September 2012