Grundy County Sheriff’s Office and Community Foundation Create New Donor Fund


Feb 11, 2020


Grundy County Sheriff Ken Briley and the Community Foundation of Grundy County have partnered to create a new donor fund.

The nickname for the fund is “The K9 Fund” since the first asset the fund will provide will be a new canine officer, but the donations will also support drug prevention and education efforts throughout Grundy County.

Briley said in a statement that his office currently has three canine officers who work in narcotics detection, evidence collection and tracking of missing persons. The purchase of an additional officer will allow the department to have a canine officer on duty 24/7.

After the K9 project, donations to the fund will support DARE and other drug prevention and education programs at schools throughout Grundy County. Executive Director of the Community Foundation Julie Buck said donations help keep local taxes down and provide local agencies with the resources they need to serve the community.

For more information, contact Briley at 942-0336 or Buck at 941-0852.


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