Illinois COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Application

We are excited to be offering this grant opportunity to nonprofits and government agencies who serve Grundy County!  The Community Foundation of Grundy County in partnership with the United Way of Grundy County has received $75,000 from the Illinois COVID-19 Relief Fund.  You are invited to apply for a portion of this money to serve our county's residents who are struggling during this pandemic.


  • The uses of this Fund are fairly flexible but the tracking and reporting are detailed.  If your grant is chosen, your organization will sign a contract agreeing to track demographics of the residents you serve with the grant.
  • Please note the short turnaround of this grant.  Monies will be available the first week of June and must be used in the community by the third week of July 2020.
  • Only direct services to clients are funded by this grant.  Organizations may not charge an administrative fee for implementing this grant nor may you use this grant to fund your organization's staff, operations, equipment, etc.

Thank you and we look forward to putting these monies to good use in our community.  Stay healthy!

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    Please note: this answer does not affect whether your organization receives a grant - it is purely for COVID-19 Fund statistics.
  • NOTE: if this organization is a sub-set of a larger organization and does not have its own EIN, list the EIN of the larger organization. For example, a food pantry inside a church will most likely use the EIN of the church if the food pantry does not have their own EIN.